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The GreenPleco Plush Collectibles Story

It was the early 80’s, a time with no internet or cells phones. It is hard to believe there was a time like that but there was.
During this time there was a kid named Milton who was about 7 years old and had joined a new school. In that new school he met another kid who was the same age and they became best friends. One day his new best friend invited Milton to his house to play. When they walked into the house the first thing Milton noticed was a huge fish tank. He then asked his best friend if it was his. His best friend told him it was his dads and that he and his brother had one also in there room. His dad was a huge aquarist and had been teaching his kids all about the hobby.
The best friend then showed Milton his smaller fish tank and the fist thing Milton noticed was a plecostomus. As the plecostomus was on the side of the tank doing what plecos do Milton fell in love with that fish. The first thought Milton had was he wanted a toy that looked like a pleco. He then thought that he would buy a toy version of a pleco because he thought that someone would have made one by now and put a suction cup as the mouth. Milton at the time thought this was such a simple idea that someone would have done it already. He then looked all over for one but never found one. He then got a fish tank himself and got a real pleco. His friend educated him on how to keep fish. Once he became an aquarist himself he little by little forgot about his pleco toy. He did try to make a prototype back in the 80’s but it was made of carved wood and a really bad suction cup he found.
Years passed by but Milton always thought about that toy pleco he wanted as a kid. One day he decided to make a prototype because after all now we had cells phones and internet so he could learn how to make toys. He then made his very first plush pleco toy. He made one for himself because it was his childhood dream toy. When he made it he showed it to people and people wanted to buy one and asked him where they can get one. That is when Milton realized he was not the only pleco nut in the planet and started to make them for all the people that love fish.

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